Books Talk Back

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Books Talk Back

Books Talk Back events offer an opportunity for aspiring authors to meet and ask questions to a published author and gain insight and ideas on a career in creative writing. Books Talk Back also provides the perfect networking platform for writers, readers and literary enthusiasts.

The events consist of a guest author, two participants and a room full of guests. The participants are pre-selected through a submissions process. These are two aspiring authors who read an extract of their unpublished novel to an audience and published author, then receive feedback from both. The audience of guests are welcome to ask questions throughout.

The idea is for aspiring authors to have an opportunity to share their work in a relaxed, friendly environment whilst gaining some constructive feedback to help them develop their writing.

The events have gained support and sponsorship from The British Library and Writers’ Centre Norwich.

To be a participant, watch this space for new submission call outs!

To be a guest in the audience, join the mailing list for updates on the latest events and ticket bookings.

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